Eugene Kharybin

Eugene Kharybin

E-commerce Pricing Analyst

«Pricing in Digital Channels Bringing Sexy Back ;) *[in English]»

Created from scratch and managed international sales departments for enterprises.

Worked as a management consultant at the retailer's distribution business unit.

Product pricing affects your sales performance, as well as the chosen channels of distribution and the landing page. We’ll discuss the main “blind spots” of your conversion rate optimization and data processing, revenue-killers and the most widely-spread traps, all while pricing your stock and competitors’ analysis.

1. Data-Driven Market Shift in eCommerce Phygital ecosystem (Digital + Offline) scaling leads to new challenges among e-tailers. Amazon Go, Walmart Data Cafe - are some of the major points for international examples. Wait. What about Small and Medium Business? Well, Boy Howdy! Have something to tell you! :)

2. Lost Profit and Loyalty - Step-by-Step Mistakes Guide for e-Retailers How not to ruin your sales after paid channels turning on. We live in the age of Value, but price is still a King. 60% of customers choose your shop as the place for making a purchase because of optimal pricing (according to PWC). The majority of retailers consider “optimal” to be the lowest one. Still, it is a huge mistake thinking that setting a higher price will make you lose sales. Nope. You just have to be in the know….. Want to know what we’ll tell you at the Conference on the 31st of March :)))

3. 5 Questions to Know if the Price is Right We will discuss 5 main efficient pricing blocks of questions, answers which will help you boost the margin and cut time/expenses: Customers Price Perception, Competitive Intensity, Business Goals, Brand Strengths, Management Workflow

4. Why You Should Never Price Like Your Competitors: Increase & Decrease Pillars Is the “follow to N-Competitor” efficient strategy for your business? Yes, and only in one case, which we will discuss. In addition we’ll cover the best pricing approaches for different business segments and types.

5. Agile Pricing. Archaic and Modern Pricing comparison. Detailed shift explanation on the new type of assortment and price management flow automatization, which eliminates any possible errors, and greatly influences marketing activities’ performance.

6. To-Do List to Boost your Conversion Rate (checked by our clients) What-and-Why check-list developed in cooperation with our clients before you start moving your items to Google Adwords.

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