Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo

Head of marketing

«How AI and Clickstream are changing keyword research *[in English]»

Tim has been involved in internet marketing and SEO for over 8 years now. During that time he had a chance to work with many established companies, as well as launch quite a few niche projects of his own. Right now he is in charge of marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs.com - one of the leading providers of data for SEOs and marketing professionals alike.

1. What’s wrong with Google Keyword Planner?

2. What are the alternatives to Google Keyword Planner?

3. How clickstream data helps to calculate “next generation” of SEO metrics.

4. What we know about searchers, thanks to clickstream.

5. What Google’s advancements in machine learning mean for SEO.

6. A few extra steps that you should add to your keyword research.

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